is not for sale

We get inquiries about this every couple of weeks. The domain is not for sale at any remotely sane price.

We know that appears "underutilized" or "underdeveloped" to people who think of domains primarily as promotional devices for public Web sites. We don't think that way, we have other uses for the domain, we are happy with those uses, and we don't want to sell.

Yes, if offered enough money, we would probably bend on this. However, nobody is going to offer us that much money, because it's far, far more than the market value of the domain, and far, far more than any buyer would ever recover from any business use of the domain. At present, the minimum it would take to get us to part with the domain is $250,000.00 US. If that price goes down, we'll post it here, but don't hold your breath.

So, unless you're a rich lunatic who wants to throw away money, please don't bug us about it.